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Regulation of the technical


The Technical Committee of I.C.S.C. (thereafter called TC) is a permanent committee consisting of a Chairman, a member of the Board and at least two delegates who have the necessary expertise in matters relating to the Laws of Chess and Regulations of F.I.D.E.


The TC seeks ways to improve the standards of chess-playing and arbiters of I.C.S.C. amongst Deaf and to up-date the regulations of the games of I.C.S.C. following the changes or amendments of the regulations of F.I.D.E.


The delegates and the Board member should be appointed in terms of close proximity and economy to carry out the tasks of the TC. They may be selected during the Congress of ICSC.


The objectives of the TC shall be:-



To seek ways to help Deaf people interested in the refereeing of ICSC events by means of training and providing hands-on experience



To help to prepare the arbiter-trainee to become a qualified ICSC Arbiter.



To compile a list of qualified ICSC Deaf Arbiters.



To follow changes and additions by the FIDE. To recommend changes and additions to up-date Regulations on Games of ICSC



To draw up draft regulations on new events based on quick chess, lightning chess and junior chess.



To consider ways to improve the playing standards amongst ICSC players



To consider arranging the participation of ICSC players or teams in FIDE tournaments.



To consider and make recommendations for the new rating system for non-rated ICSC chess players



To consider and make recommendations for the improved rating system for rated ICSC chess players who are not registered by FIDE and also for the rated ICSC-FIDE chess players.



To consider and make recommendations for junior chess players for titles and rating purposes.


The meetings of the TC may be held during any ICSC event.


The minutes of the TC must be sent to the Office of I.C.S.C. not later than two months after the date of the meeting held.


Proposals and recommendations by the TC should be sent to the Office of I.C.S.C. at least one year before the Congress.


The Executive Board of I.C.S.C. should include the TC's proposals and recommendations as items for the agenda of its meeting at least ten months before the Congress.


The Executive Board of I.C.S.C. should reply to the TC regarding its views not later than two months after the date of its meeting.


Only after the approval given by the Executive Board of I.C.S.C. can the proposals and recommendations be circulated to all country-members at least eight months before the Congress.


The TC should be responsible for presenting its report to the Congress and to give explanations for their proposals and recommendations.


To become legally effective, proposals and recommendations put forward by the TC require the approval of the Congress of ICSC.


The administrative costs may be claimed by the TC and the claim-form should be filled in and sent to the Office of I.C.S.C.


The Regulations of the TC entered into force after adoption by the XXVth Congress of the I.C.S.C. in July 2000.

Chief TC


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